Source & supply

We will strive to submit a competitive proposal and offer prime materials which are in good condition, traceable and covered by certificates.

We can offer below equipment:

  • Conductor meeting API 5L specifications.
  • OCTG meeting API 5CT, API 5 CRA or superceeding operator / manufacterer quality or specification plans.
  • Wellhead & Xmas trees meeting API 6A specifications.
  • Liner hanger systems up to ISO 14310 V-0 tested products.
  • Completion equipment up to ISO 14310 products.
  • Drill Pipe meeting API 6D specifications.
  • Other Wells equipment requirements.

Our main benefits

  • Network
  • Result driven
  • Hardly requires time as Punch Energy Services can facilitate from front to end (manage additional services and even bridge INCOTERMS)
  • One focal point and potentially one billing company

In addition

We will investigate opportunities with operators to combine OCTG stock, in consignment models with premium suppliers. Within that aspect the goal will also be to standardize, for both Oil & Gas Wells as well as Geothermal Wells.

Unique items which are required to meet functional requirements of the project will still require to be purchased outside a standard consignment stock model. However the model offers several benefits such as; reduce capital risk, sharing stock and yard space with other operators and can translate into attractive unit price costs as we can represent more demand.

This opportunity is not restricted to the Netherlands only, operators operating in Europe or Africa can also consider this opportunity. With several locations and todays communication methods, planning tools and transport solutions this is not country specific.

Also for large global operating operators this may be a "perfect fit" in order to standardize, share what is required with reduced financial risks.

Please contact our sales department if this is of interest:

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