OCTG added value services

When you require us to manage and coordinate your companies OCTG (and other Wells equipment if required) stock or even the complete supply chain, from 3rd party mill inspection to yard delivery up to rig ready services & rig return inspections.

Below an overview of the AVS scope we can cover;


Through strong partners we can arrange any kind of transport, from and to any place. The transport can be by road, rail, sea and air. All our partners are very familiar with transporting Oil & Gas equipment, have set high standards and execute the work with qualified people and in line with today’s HSSE standards.


We can arrange short & long term, indoor & yard storage of your OCTG products and other materials such as Conductor, Wellheads & Trees, Liner hanger systems, Completion equipment and other materials. The storage can be arranged with several partners in the region and further abroad. The storage conditions must also meet an acceptable standard in order to assure material condition is maintained and that the storage facility or yard meets today’s HSSE standards.


On several locations we can arrange a wide array of inspection services and other related services.

Below a breakdown of standard services:

  • Mill 3rd party release inspection.
  • Cleaning connections.
  • Visual Thread Inspection connections.
  • Full Length Drift pipe.
  • Straightness check.
  • Wall thickness measurements.
  • ID measurements.
  • Internal pipe bore inspection.
  • Apply customer specified thread compound (storage or running dope).
  • Chrome analyse of tubing.
  • MPI & EMI inspections.
  • On some locations Full Length Ultrasonic Testing of pipe.
  • Wall thickness segregation.
  • Install centralizers as per customer requirements.
  • Laser tally pipe and create tally report (with or without pipe traceability).
  • Third party release inspections at licencees (e.g. if x-overs are machined as per right specifications).

OCTG refurbishment

  • Internal and external blasting of pipe.
  • Apply coating on pipe body.
  • Re-apply original pipe traceability.
  • Apply paint on coupling as per API or manufacturer specifications.
  • When applicable apply pipe colour bands.

Manufacturing & repair

  • Threading of pin connections.
  • Make up of supplied couplings.
  • Machining x-overs as per specifications.
  • Machining pup joints as per specifications.
  • Machining special pup joints, for make up in hanger assemblies.
  • Machining other parts such as; lifting plugs, bull noses, fluted no-go subs etc, as per specifications.

Accessory make up

  • Make up of shoetracks and stage cementing equipment.
  • Make up of pipe locked casing joints.
  • Make up of liner hanger systems.
  • Make up of tubing & casing hangers and wellhead housings.

Thread protectors

  • Receiving used thread protectors from the drilling rig, these will be properly cleaned to meet environmental guidelines.
  • Supply of new thread protectors, e.g. to cover accessories as pup joints, to put on pulled tubing or casing when executing a workover, drilling a side-track or abandonment of a well (decommissioning).

All of the above can be offered in a full management model, where-as Punch Energy Services B.V. will manage and coordinate all of the above scope, if required including maintaining inventory movements and records in the customer ERP software.

Another option is to approach it project based or the we submit proposals based on business requirements.

In addition we can support with below activities:

  • Demand forecasting and supply planning
  • Technical support and coordination
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Procurement execution
  • Consignment stock
  • Transactional Compliance
  • Rig-returns
  • Surplus disposal

Project support services

We can also cover some project related services scope, such as inspections, logistics, transport or project demand planning.

Please contact us if you have any project specific requirements:

Main benefits

  • Reduce FTE & other internal cost
  • Build on experience and partners of Punch Energy Services
  • Flexible supply chain solutions
  • One focal point (lead contractor)
  • Result driven with strong (product & service) quality and HSSE focus